Phototherapy Nail

- Jan 19, 2021-

After a phototherapy resin nail, it can stay intact for at least three weeks. After the nails are long, repair them. In addition, it is superior to crystal nails in that there is no unpleasant smell, no harm to the body, and no damage to the nails. The final nails are transparent, tough, and shiny, just like natural. Even those who are not prone to long nails due to their relatively weak nails can enjoy the joy of long nails without damaging the original nails. Style—These characteristics of phototherapy nail make the plasticity of nail shape instantly improved.


Advantages of phototherapy nail No damage to nails, no peculiar smell, more natural molding, more lustrous color, richer changes in style and length, to It can last for more than three weeks if it is small, and has strong durability. Color glue is a must for phototherapy nails. There are many colors. You can choose your favorite Huan's color and gloss are super good. Light Therapy Real Color Nail Extension Procedure 

1. Trim natural nails-trim finger skin-peel off dead skin-polish

2. Remove dust, check whether the real nail surface is cleaned in place, and put on the paper support

3. Prepare the supplies needed for phototherapy nails, such as: phototherapy lamp, phototherapy pen, 95% alcohol, tissues, etc. 

4. Apply the primer (bonding agent), pay attention to the weight and strength not to apply to the nail groove and the back edge of the finger skin. If you accidentally apply it, please wipe it gently with an orange stick and roll cotton, and put it in a UV light therapy lamp. 60S.

5. Apply the extension glue (model glue), the method and technique are the same as the previous part, illuminate the uv lamp 60-90S, grasp the length of the extension, and use resin glue on the paper pallet to make the shape of the extension part basically correct. Certainly, the entire nail surface (including the extension part) should be a whole smooth, not uneven, and the middle interface of the nail H must be covered with resin glue (no real nails should be exposed).

6. Use 95% alcohol to scrub the entire nail surface, sub-sculpting: polish out the nail shape you need (square, round, pointed, ,), and then dust and clean.

7. Apply a thin layer of primer (bonding agent) to the nail surface after sub-sculpting for 60S, and then apply colored glue, put it in the phototherapy lamp and bake for 60-90S minutes.

8. After the color glue is dry, take an appropriate amount of extension glue (model glue) and apply the entire nail surface (model glue needs to cover the entire nail surface and color glue, and keep the nail surface smooth and smooth), illuminate 60- 90S, scrub the nail surface with 95% alcohol, secondly polish, shape and smooth, remove dust

9. The upper sealing layer glue, the phototherapy lamp is baked for 60-90S, and 95% alcohol is used to scrub the nail surface (no need to wash it), and it is bright. 10. Rub the nail edge and nail groove with special olive oil for armor, and the whole process is completed.


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