Pay Attention To These Things In Summer Girl Nails!

- Jul 21, 2020-

When going outside for nail art, pay attention to choosing a regular nail shop for nail art, so that the qualifications and skills of the manicurist will be guaranteed; and if you are applying nail polish yourself, you must pay attention to the product production license and try to choose a regular manufacturer to produce Products, avoid “three no” products, pay attention to the production date, and do not buy expired products.

Choose healthy and environmentally friendly nail materials. If you find that nail polish has a strong smell similar to paint, it may contain harmful chemical elements such as formaldehyde. You should use it with caution to avoid affecting your health.

It is best to soak the nails in warm water before cutting the nails to soften the nails; when cutting the nails, do not cut off the side corners on both sides, preferably cut into a slight arc. At the same time, do not polish the surface of the deck or trim the nail skin .

Nail cutting is actually a technical job. The key to a good job is nail clippers. Today, I will share with you a nail clippers commonly used by Xiaojiu-Japan-US nail clippers.

Although ordinary nail clippers are cheap, they have several major problems: easy to rust, easy to wear on the knife edge, not easy to trim, and unable to trim thick nails