Nail Tool Introduction

- Jan 11, 2019-

Crystal Clamp: It is only used when making crystal nails. It can't be replaced by finger-nose pliers, otherwise it will cause cracking of crystal nails.

Nail knives: mainly used to trim all types of nails, including crystal nails and natural nails.

Finger pliers: used to cut off excess nail skin.

Plastic or bristle brush: Cleans nails and crystal nails for hand care.

Nail file: used to trim the leading edge of natural nails.

Sand stick: push the skin.

Scissors: used to cut fiber products such as nylon, silk and fiberglass.

Small tweezers: used to hold nails, diamonds, or clip nails for trimming.

Nail clipper

1. Classification: The nail scissors are divided into small and small, and the second is divided into two types: flat head and inclined surface.

2. How to use: After washing your hands, cut the required length with a flat nail clipper. If the nail groove on both sides of the nail is too deep and long in the direction of the nail groove, use the beveled nail to cut off the nails on both sides.

3. Note: When cutting nails, whether it is a flat nail clipper or a beveled nail clipper, it should not be cut too deeply. If the nail clipper is often deeper, the nail bed will become shorter and shorter. Affect the beauty of nails, especially women. Do not cut the two corners of the front end of the nail when trimming the square nail.

Folding nail file

(1) Classification: Manicure, split steel, and colored purlins, also known as calyx.

2. How to use: Cut the long and short nails with steel shovel or shovel in the order of the front and rear front ends, and grind them into the desired shape.

(Normally, nails have six shapes: A, square B, square circle C, oval D, pointed shape E, round F, and trumpet shape. The manicurist can suggest that the customer choose the shape that suits his or her shape according to the customer's hand shape.)

3. Note: When using the steel file and the flower hoe to repair the shape of the nail, be sure to pay attention to the fine grinding on both sides of the nail, the shape of the front end must be rounded.