Nail Stickers Explosion

- Mar 14, 2021-

      With the improvement of material life, people's pursuit of "beauty" is gradually escalating. While the beauty industry is developing rapidly, nail art is a rigid demand for most women, and the market size is also growing rapidly. Since 2010, the nail industry has maintained a compound growth rate of 30% every year, and the current market size has reached 200 billion.  


       However, each industry will inevitably encounter bottlenecks in its development to a certain period, and the nail industry has gradually exposed many problems, such as:   

· Increasing labor and shop rental costs;   

· Color drawing takes a long time and generally low service efficiency;   

· The low threshold of nail business makes it difficult to recruit, train, and retain nail technicians;   

· Customers have to wait for a long time, unable to meet the needs of personalized DIY, etc.

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        Faced with multiple problems and challenges, how can nail salons break through the fierce competition in the Red Sea?



The trend of global intelligence has brought a breakthrough for the industry. Recently, various styles of stickers have appeared on the market to meet people's needs. Its appearance has solved the pain points of the nail service industry in terms of service efficiency, market demand, and business model, and opened up a new business situation that subverts the industry.