Nail Phototherapy Machine

- Jan 21, 2021-

Nail lamp, also known as nail phototherapy lamp. It is specially used for drying phototherapy gel in the nail art process, and is mostly used in nail salons. In some manicures, a layer of phototherapy glue is applied to the nails, which is similar to nail polish, but it is not easy to fall off than nail polish. Generally it can last for more than a month. The price is also more expensive than nail polish. Generally, it will only be used in professional nail salons. , Because the nail phototherapy glue must use a nail lamp, which is a nail phototherapy lamp. There are two types of nail lamps, one is an ultraviolet lamp, the other is an LED lamp, the main peak wavelength of ultraviolet light = 370nm (this wavelength is visible light, harmless to eyes , But it is recommended not to look directly at the lamp for a long time), but it can have a good drying and sterilization effect. Generally, there are four lamps in a nail lamp, one 9W. Please replace the lamp regularly every 6 months, pay attention to your eyes Do not look directly at the UV lamp · Follow the gel production manual or the relevant instructions of the UV lamp to use · Do not shorten or use overtime to maintain the best results.


The difference between 36w and 48w is the drying time.

The power of the phototherapy machine is closely related to the drying speed. For 9 watts, it will take 4-6 minutes for the seal to dry completely, 36 watts in 2-3 minutes, and 48 watts in 1 minute.

At present, there are two kinds of LED phototherapy nail machine and UV phototherapy nail machine on the market, as well as a combination of LED+UV nail phototherapy machine. The difference between LED nail machine and UV nail machine is the service life, LED is much better, and It takes less time.


If you use it frequently and keep your nails beautiful all the time, then choose the one with higher power, more complete functions, and faster speed, such as 36W/48W LED or LED+UV nail lamp.

Generally not very useful, but only for business trips and travel. At this time, it depends on whether you are afraid of trouble. If you like to go out with a big suitcase, you can bring a big nail phototherapy machine like the above; if you are going out Those who are too lazy to carry the bag can choose the portable 9WLED nail nail machine, which can be placed directly in the pocket.


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