Nail Painting Practice Skills

- May 13, 2019-

1. Holding a pen gesture

The manicurist remembers not to hold the pen too high when holding the pen, then use the thumb and forefinger to hold the pen firmly, and use the middle finger to hold the pen, the three fingers merge, the natural relaxation, the little finger can also stick out to the table, the we feel like this Can be used as the center of support.


2. Action

When the manicurist helps the customer to paint, we feel that it only needs to turn our wrists and fingers, and then put the elbows close to the table.


3. Strength

When you hold the pen, you can't remember too much. The nail training feels that you need to relax at this time, so it is not easy to cause hand shake, your fingers and wrists will be more flexible, so it is easy to control the pen.


4. Experience

When you paint, you need to carefully understand it. By supporting your elbows, you can drive your wrists and then connect your fingertips. we reminds everyone to pay attention to the direction when the pen tip is in contact with the nail surface. Change in speed, pay attention to the problem of writing.