Nail File

- Jan 15, 2021-

Nail files are divided into different models according to the unit of particle (Grit). (Grit) represents the number of particles contained in each square inch area, that is, its density. The more particles, the higher the density, and the larger the size of the nail. The larger the size of the file, the softer it is; the lower the density, the smaller the size of the nail file, the rougher it is and the stronger the fileability.



Manicure files are divided into steel files and color files, which are commonly referred to as flower files. The flower file is divided into file strip and polishing strip, and the file strip is divided into wood chip file, sponge file and glass file.



Polish the edge of the nail horizontally from both sides to the middle. Do not let the file surface be perpendicular to the tip of the nail, but slightly tilt to the side of the finger under the nail to remove the burrs of the nail.Use a steel file or a flower file to grind the long and short nails in the order of the two sides first, then the front end, and grind them into the desired shape.Electric nail files, the matte surface is available in different thicknesses.



1.Grind the nails that have been cut in length with a steel file or a flower file in the order of the two sides first and then the front end to make the shape we need.

2. For the repair of real nails, do not file back and forth in the same part, because this kind of file will cause heat, cause damage to the nail or even fall off. The proper file back and forth of false nails is fine.

3. Rub gently on the skin with an abrasive file. When you feel that the abrasiveness is rougher than the skin, the abrasiveness of the nail file exceeds the bearing capacity of natural nails, which will cause the nails to break or fall off. Choose a model Use larger, softer files to trim natural nails.

4. When using the file to polish the shape of the nail, be sure to pay attention to the fine polishing on both sides of the nail, and the shape of the front end must be round.

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