Nail Fashion Christmas

- Dec 15, 2019-

Christmas in 2019 is also coming soon; today we will come early to taste the nail style and style of this Christmas.


May wish to refer to the following simple and luxurious style proposals. Stars, snowflakes, geometric Christmas trees and other key Christmas elements are extracted and used to bring out the Christmas atmosphere.

1. Geometric Christmas tree

Christmas is of course indispensable! Rather than draw a real Christmas tree, it is better to build a triangle with amphibole. The shape is full, and amphibole is also very dazzling. Party punches first-class!


We choose material is Rhinestone nail art, flat nail rhinestone, different size, big or small.

2. Christmas Lucky Star

The stars on the Christmas tree are also one of the highlights. On the fingertips, the different shapes of the stars are painted. The simplicity is quite dreamy. Make a wish when Christmas is coming!