Nail Extension

- Jan 13, 2021-

The first step: After preparing the materials, we first make a basic manicure for the nails. After the basic manicure is finished, apply a layer of primer to the nails. After the primer is dry, we take out the extended paper holder. Then use double-sided tape at the front end of the paper holder to fix the wrinkled tin foil on the paper holder.


The second step: we clip the paper support into the nail seam, and stick the back on the finger, and then pinch the paper support down to fix the paper support into the shape of the nail extension. Remember to make the extension nail. The paper holder must be fixed along the direction of the nail, otherwise the finished extension nail will be deformed!


Step 3: After fixing the paper holder, we take out the fine brush, dip the red glaze glue, draw a smile line on the edge of the nail extension, and then use the brush to take the glaze glue and apply a layer on the nail Cover the red glaze glue on the tin foil. After brushing, we will dry the glaze glue first, and then apply a layer of model glue to the nails. From the nail brush to the extension, the model glue is what everyone calls phototherapy. Glue or extend the glue. After drying the model glue on the nails, proceed to the next step.


Step 4: Next, we use a cleansing cotton to get a little alcohol and wipe the extended nail surface after drying. Then remove the paper tray. The steps to remove it are as follows. First tear off the sticker on your finger and remember not to use force.


Step 5: After tearing off the sticker, we use the index finger and thumb to pinch the paper holder of the extension part, separate the paper holder from the nail, and then gently remove the paper holder. This is the extension we made. There is no rest yet.


Step 6: Next, we take out the sand strips and start to polish the manicure. First of all, the two sides of the nail are polished along the lines of the two sides of the nail. After polishing, smooth the nail surface and use Just polish the finer side of the sand bar. Use even force to avoid breaking your nails.


Step 7: Polish the front end, and then finely manicure. Finally, clean the dust on the nail surface with a cleaning sweep.


Step 8: Finally, we wipe the nail surface with alcohol. After the alcohol dries, we then apply a small piece of anti-French red to the nail, and then dry it after drawing. Repeat it again.


Step 9: Finally, put a circle of rhinestones on the anti-French part of the nail, and this nail is complete!



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