Nail Common Scence

- May 01, 2019-

There are various folk sayings about nails. For example, nails need to breathe, nail polish is applied, and putting ice into the water can speed up the drying of nail polish. In fact, these are all misunderstandings. Let us take a look. Are you doing the right thing?


1.    Do not apply a layer of bright oil every day.

Bright oil is the last layer, used to brighten the final shape of the nails, a bit like the makeup powder of the facial makeup, to protect the color of the nail polish, prevent the nail polish from fading, and make the nails show natural and healthy light.


2. The nail needs to breathe

This statement is wrong, nails are not alive. The nutrients and nutrients of the nails come from our body, and do not require external nutrition and air to help the growth, so girls that love the nail cannot be misunderstood.


3. You should always cut off the cuticle next to your nails to make your nails grow healthier.

This statement is incorrect. The horny next to the nail is to help us stop the bacteria from entering the nail bed. If you often lose the skin on the bottom of the nail, it is easy for the nail to receive bacterial infection.