Nail Color That Women Can't Miss

- Apr 09, 2019-

Change the season; of course, to change the color of a nail, not only let people have a good mood, but also will be particularly white, painted to make your temperament increase, together to pick your favorite nail color.


酒红色 (1)

Red Wine Color


The wine red nails are really nice, the color is darker,it is very suitable for the early spring, adding some small accessories will be more beautiful. The careful machine of the accessories is more eye-catching, and the fashion is full of wine red. It is very high-grade, it is very temperament for your little hand, girls can apply their own nail polish, apply a layer of bright oil as a protection, this step must not be omitted to save time.

裸色 (1)

Nude Color


Nude color nail color, the most suitable for the early spring season, it seems to give a very gentle feeling, do not like too arrogant you can choose this, it is also very versatile, can also be in nude nails Make some small patterns on it, look at the very comfortable nail color system, the color is very similar to the hand, it is very white, and it is not too picky at all. It can also be applied to work.


裸色 (2)酒红色 (2)