Nail Care Knowledge

- Apr 10, 2019-

The Basic Step of Self-learning Nails.


Step 1: Clean

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In fact, our nails are still quite dirty, so before the nails, first use warm water to soak your hands for ten minutes, remember that it is 'warm water that can better soften the skin on the edge of the nail and clean it more cleanly.


Step 2: Trim & Sanding


The next step is to trim, prepare a nail clipper, trim the nails out of your favorite arc, and then trim the dead skin on the edge of the nail to make it look better. But be careful not to cut your fingers when trimming. Then use sanding strips to smooth the nails and make the nails look good again. Avoid the uneven surface of the nails.


Step3: Soften


After the polishing is finished, then apply a little softening on the epidermis, then gently massage for a few minutes, then gently push the dead skin away.


Step 4: Armor


After polishing, polishing, and softening, the next step is to armor. First, apply the nutrient oil to the edge of the nail and slowly absorb it with your nails. This helps the nails protect and does not hurt the nails.