Nail Art Stripe Line Sticker

- Dec 21, 2020-

What should I do if the nail gold and silver thread is not sticky and tends to lift up?


The gold and silver thread is best done on the nail polish glue. It is easy to warp if the nail polish is sealed with a no-wash sealer. The fading is due to the quality of the gold and silver thread.


The correct method: First, smooth your nails and clean your barbs and dead skin. After applying the primer, apply white nail polish. Pay attention to applying each nail no more than three times to avoid excessive thickness or unevenness. ,

While the nail polish is not dry, take the middle third of the nail, use tweezers to take the gold and silver thread, and stick it on both sides, as long as it seems to occupy one third of the area, no need to be too tangled, pay attention to the root of the nail At the beginning, extend to the end of the nail to achieve the purpose of delimiting the pattern.

The next gold and silver lines pass through the parallel lines used to delimit the range to form a fixed angle of intersection to achieve a triangular pattern, but pay attention to the angle size to be similar or even consistent, otherwise the pattern size will be different. One, it becomes very ugly.

At the junction of the newly added gold and silver line and the parallel line, place another gold and silver line to form an isosceles triangle with the other parallel line. In this way, a complete triangle frame is completed. If you want more If it looks good, you need to practice several times.

According to the above method, continue to complete the remaining triangle patterns, and there will be a complete row of triangles on the nails, and the prototype has come out. One advantage of this is that the edges are flat and relatively uniform in size, which presents a good visual effect.

After the red nail polish is dry, apply blue nail polish on the remaining blank part. The gold and silver lines on the nails are dipped in excess nail polish, but it does not matter, just tear off the gold and silver lines, the excess nail polish Also taken away, so there is no need to toss with cotton swabs or toothpicks.

After the red and blue nail polish is dry, slowly tear off the gold and silver thread, and apply a fixed color gloss polish. The fun triangle nail polish is complete. You can also paste the flash diamonds, or create a gradual nail effect. .