Nail Art Design With Dry Flowers

- Jul 22, 2019-

We can't go to Japan to see flowers, but we can make a nice Japanese-style dried flower manicure.


This dried flower manicure is a blue series of nail art. The pink-blue part uses a flower pattern with dried flowers and metal copper wire, and some directly use metal copper wire to make a love pattern, and a pattern embellished with elements such as shell pieces or gold foil. The milky white part is directly matched with the blue dry flower ornament. There is also a denim blue part, combined with a silver metal glitter or a small metal patch.


This dried flower manicure is a semi-circular French manicure. The dried flower portion is primed with milky white, and is combined with a dried flower and a metal copper wire to form a bouquet or a garland pattern. The other part is made of white and yellow in a semi-circular French style.

Nail Designs with Dry Flowers