Nail Art Christmas

- Dec 09, 2019-

The arrival of December has made many people feel the strong flavor of Spring Festival and Christmas. Of course, as exquisite and fashionable, beautiful nails are indispensable. My friend has a little straight daughter, who will make the perfect nails secretly make more beautiful new nails, so, near Christmas and the Spring Festival, and the last month of this year, you must choose your favorite nails to enter the new Year of the year!

Nude Cute Christmas Nail Art

Nude nails have always been a sought-after style of many little fairies. They are low-key luxury models. Nearly 2020, they will be a cute and comfortable, sweet and wintery, and cute graffiti styles.


This manicure is suitable for girls who like the original nail color. It uses an unobtrusive background, low-key luxury, and looks white and shiny. It can also dimly see the shape of the nails. Delicate and cute, with cute Christmas patterns, it shows more delicate fingers, which is more suitable for girls who like simple style.

Don't underestimate the beauty of nude nails. The temperament matched with many cute elements is incomparable with many nail colors. You can try a high-quality nude nails in autumn and winter, with cute patterns, sweet winter, sweet Girl.