Must-have Classic Manicure For May 1 Travel

- May 04, 2020-


Traveling is a happy and joyful thing. Remember to wear a disposable blue earloop face mask when you go out.The hand is our second face. The beauty of the hand has greatly improved the temperament of the person. Hurry up and take a look at these super exquisite nail arts.


Blue is a very textured color. Blues with different depths and different brightness also give people different feelings. Dark blue will make people feel depressed, and this pink blue will give people a very sweet feeling. The overall nail art is pink and blue, and it looks very fresh, while the decoration of the diamond patch plays a role in brightening, making the entire nail art look more bright. Gives a little monotonous feeling.


This clean manicure style is really amazing. When I saw this manicure, the first word that came out of my mind was "good years and quiet". The entire nail art is pure white, and there are white silver-edged flower prints on the nail surface as a decoration. If this nail art is paired with a plain cheongsam, it must be fried.


Although it is a frosted nail art, this nail style is very lively. The nail colors are pink and blue. The frosted texture makes the nails look more low-key and reduces the fluorescence of these two colors. There is also a cartoon-shaped pattern on the nails of the thumbs as decoration, which looks very cute