Moderately Making Nails

- Jun 20, 2019-

The colorful and colorful manicures make you beautiful. The color armor can add a lot of color to the slim hand, but it also hides hidden dangers.


Nail art usually removes the enamel on the surface of the nail, and once the nail loses the protection of the enamel, the protection function of the nail will be destroyed, which will easily cause infection of fungi, mold and other pathogens, and easily cause the color of the nail to become black and yellow. And the nails are broken.


In addition, chemical organic solvents used in nail art may cause allergic reactions in some people and cause skin diseases.


Women with onychomycosis, skin disease, and hand and foot spasm are not suitable for nail art. The time of nail art should not be too frequent. Every procedure needs to be cautious and professional disinfection of the appliance is very important.