Mini Electric Nail Drill

- Feb 24, 2021-

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Product Description:


Output rated voltage :DC12V,1.0A

Rated power input:10W

Output current:0.8A

No load speed:18000RPM

Package contains:

Enginery,Twist-lock handpiece ,holder ,a set of bits 

Package included:
1x main machine
6x nail bits
1x user manual



Speed adjustable, easy to control and operate.

Low noise and vibration during long-time operation.

Components can be changed without tools, easy to operate.

Suitable for professional salon, spas, or family use.

Perfect for remodeling pedicure & manicure nails.

Mini size, conveniet for the execution.

English manual, convenience for reading.


How to use:
1. finished with, please pull the grind device into secondary mobile phone, to avoid spiking a device to lose elastic force.
2. Pay attention to keep cleaning for the product.

3.Please check the rotating speed of handpiece within the limits is suitable for operation