Makeup, Manicure, Dyeing Hair... Women's World Cup Popular With Makeup Contest

- Jul 17, 2019-


After the Nigerian team lost 0-3 to Norway in the first group match, some netizens accused Aldgar of making up, nailing and dyeing on social networking sites.


Many people who watch the Women's World Cup seem to be confused: can competitive sports and femininity coexist? At least some of the female football players in Aldgar and other examples of makeup contests made them very angry. The report believes that this part of the response is based on outdated ideas, that is, women, especially female athletes, should create their own image: strong, but not too strong; strong, but can not lose femininity; retain women Flavor, but can't be "too woman", such as lipstick.


For female athletes, this is a space where it is impossible to find directions. Therefore, many players in this year's Women's World Cup have used actions to refute these prejudices.


According to reports, Mary Joe Kane, head of the Tuck Research Center at the University of Minnesota, said: "In our history, for the first time, we have welcomed a large number of girls and women to participate in sports."


Kane said: "When women break into the sacred space dominated by sports, which is dominated by men, make-up can make their participation less aggressive." For example, she said that the United States has clear federal laws prohibiting Sex discrimination occurs in sports and other activities.


In this World Cup, perhaps no one is more attractive than the Dutch team player Shanis van der Sanden. The leopard short hair of this winger is simply a piece of art. On the court, her lipstick and black eyeliner are also very eye-catching. The Dutch international who played for the Lyon women's football team said: "I have always been wearing makeup games. This makes me feel more comfortable."


Some cosmetic manufacturers have noticed this trend and started producing anti-sweat eyeliner and mascara for female athletes who like to wear makeup.