Little Daisy Nail Tutorial

- Sep 29, 2019-

Daisy will give people a fresh, innocent and romantic feeling. Today we bring you a small daisies nail tutorial, let’s take a look.


Choose light purple nail polish and small daisies. Light purple diamonds echo the color of nail polish, highlighting the main body of small daisies, and the color is clean and fresh.


Step 1: Prepare the required nail polish and tools, trim the nails and polish the nails, apply the primer, and illuminate for 60 seconds.


Step 2: Put a nail French guide paper on the right side of the ring finger, choose a light purple nail polish to fill the front edge of the nail, and illuminate for 60 seconds.


Step3: in order to make the color more full, you can brush it again, shine the light for 60 seconds, and tear off the smile sticker.


Step 4: Complete the French manicure on the other nails in the same way, and illuminate for 60 seconds.


Step 5: Dip the white nail polish with the hook line pen at the trailing edge of the French manicure and draw the small daisy petals.


Step 6: Then draw other petals and light for 60 seconds. Dip yellow nail polish to draw the flower core, light for 60 seconds.


Step 7: Then select the appropriate position of the trailing edge of the nail surface, brush the jewelry, stick three purple diamonds, and illuminate for 60 seconds.


Step 8: In the same way, stick purple diamonds on the trailing edge of several other nails and light for 60 seconds. Finishing the varnish step is complete.