Leopard Nail Art

- Oct 26, 2019-

The first impression of the leopard pattern is generally sexy, fashionable, mature and intellectual. The leopard print tutorial that I want to bring to you today is a little different from what I used to be. He combines French painting and innovation in the pattern. The color is also the color that chooses a little youthful energy.


Manicure step:

Step 1: The color of the nail polish to be used is red, nude and black. First, apply the transparent base oil to dry.


Step 2: Pick two fingers to paint the nude color and the other three fingers draw the triangle on the top. This style is more energetic than the common French style, and it is more with the leopard print.


Step 3: The leopard print drawn today is heart-shaped. Use red to point two adjacent small dots and then pull down from the middle. The heart shape is completed.


Step 4: Sketch the 3 strokes in black on each heart-shaped outer ring.


Step 5: Slightly leave some distance between the heart shapes, not too tight. If you feel that the heart shape is difficult to draw, you can also use the pen to randomly point an ellipse, and then use black to make 3 strokes.


Step 6: After the graphics are dry, apply a layer of transparent topping oil. If you don't like red, you can also replace it with a variety of pinks, purples, etc., with black hooks, leopard prints can be established.