Learn Manicure Scientifically, Put An End To The Wrong Manicure Method

- Jun 26, 2020-

But many white-collar women have a very fast pace of life. Sometimes they don't have time to do nails, or they can't do nails after a busy day. At this time, many people will choose to study nail art on their own. When they are free at home, they can do nail art for themselves. But in fact, nails are also very fragile. If we use the wrong method for manicure for a long time, it will definitely make the nails become thinner, yellower, and softer.

   Therefore, many girls have specially enrolled in a manicure class for this purpose. In fact, it is not easy to say that applying nail polish on nails is not easy, but learning how to apply nail polish is good. Today, I will talk to you about some common misunderstandings on nail art.

   Error one: Change the color of nail polish often

   First, there are good and bad nail polish. Although the use of good nail polish will not hurt the nails too much, changing the color of the nail polish too often will still hurt the nails. Let's think about it for ourselves. When you unload it and put it on and off again, even healthy nails will be tortured to "protest".

   Error two: No nail polish on nails

  Did you find that sometimes the nail polish you apply will be broken into pieces after a period of time, but this will not happen to the nails made in the nail salon? Why? The reason lies in the nail polish. The basic nail polish is like putting a coat on the nails, so that the nail will last longer, and it can also play a two-way protection role, isolating the harmful effects of the chemical components in the nail polish on the body. .

   Error three: Frequent use of nail remover water

As long as you do nail art, you can’t do without nail polish remover, but do you know? The nail polish remover can’t be used often, because the chemical ingredients in the nail polish remover make the nails dry and fragile, and its chemical toxicity is also common nails It is dozens of times more oil! In many high-end nail salons, we can also find that they will try to use nail files to remove nails instead of removing water.

   Error four: Frequent peeling

  Making nails is not only about applying nail polish, we also need to talk about cleaning up dead skin on fingers, but everyone should also know that the dead skin on fingers should not be removed too often, which will accelerate the formation of dead skin.