Is Not Nail Art Removed For A Long Time

- Feb 28, 2020-

Many customers keep the perfect nails for a long time, but they do n’t want to make new styles, so they have n’t removed the nails, so some people have kept the nails for almost two months without removing them. But if it is not removed for a long time, is it really good for nails?

First, if the nail is not removed for a long time, it will cause the nail to become fragile

Nail polish is healthier and more environmentally friendly than ordinary nail polishes, but if we do not remove it for a long time, it will also make our nails fragile and even make our nails yellow, so if nails are not removed for a long time, Then the shape of the nails will also be affected, so the nails will become unsightly.

Second, the correct concept of nail art

In fact, the time that nails are normally kept on our hands can be removed in about 2 weeks, so that it will not affect the health of our nails and keep them in a good state.