Is Long-term Nail Art Carcinogenic Is This True

- Dec 31, 2019-

So, can long-term nail art cause cancer? In fact, there is no conclusion yet, but many nail products used in nail art shops are unqualified, and even some inferior nail polish lead, arsenic and other heavy metals exceed standards. The harmful components will be absorbed by the body through the polished nails, and some chronic poisoning symptoms will occur for a long time. In severe cases, it will affect women's endocrine disorders.

How does nail polish break the rubber bands? In fact, it is because nail polish is a liquid solvent component, mainly acetone, ethyl acetate, phthalate, formaldehyde and so on. These ingredients will corrode and dissolve the rubber band. The principle is "similar miscibility principle", so the rubber band is broken, and there is a similar nail polish to corrode the foam board, which is the same principle.

Frequent nail art will cause the nails to become soft and thin. Before the manicure, the manicurist will usually polish the nail surface. The reason for this is to make the nail surface smoother and adhere more firmly after the nail polish is dried. However, repeated nail removal and polishing will destroy the protective layer on the nail surface. Therefore, nails will become soft and thin, cracks on the nail surface will appear, and even a touch will break, and severe diseases such as paronychia may also result. In addition, nail tools may carry some fungi, which can easily cross-infect nail beds.

Everyone loves beauty, but frequent manicures still have a certain degree of impact on our physical health.

We advice you choose correct way of nail art, choose good and healthy Gel Nail Polish Colors, and arrange do nail reasonable.