Introducing Several Yellow Nails

- Feb 27, 2020-

Yellow system nails are also the favorite of many young people now, so what yellow systems do you know? Today, I will join you to talk about several yellow nail colors.


1.Ceylon Yellow

Many people in Ceylon Yellow will feel a little strange when they hear it. This color is also a high-end nail color. He is not as dazzling as yellow. Joining nails feel that this color makes nails look very high-level and beautiful.

2. Dead leaf tangerine

Nail nails feel that this color is really a bit difficult to control, because this color makes nails look very dazzling. If you do n’t have fair skin, you ca n’t hold it. People with dark hands make this color. Nail art will look darker.

3.Apricot yellow

The color of apricot-yellow nails also looks very noble and temperament. When joining the nails, it feels that the nails are different in color.