Inkjet Nail Art

- Feb 15, 2021-

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Inkjet nail art has become a popular trend in nail art in the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries. It has its own unique charm in terms of the production process and the effect of production.

Preparation tools:

spray gun

Air compressor

Nail glue

Top coat

Airbrush paint: pink, pink yellow, pink purple, white, grinding stick, double-ended needle pen

Diamond white nail piece

Nail stickers

Pearl pink heart-shaped diamond jewelry

Production steps

Remove nail dirt

Use polished water to clean the nail surface first, if there is nail polish, remove it first


Affixed nails

Use a white spray gun to spray the base color of the nails white, and then gradually spray pink, pink, yellow and pink purple paint.

Point: You can use a white nail piece instead, and stick it directly on the surface of the nail with nail glue or nail stick.


Top Coat for spray gun

After the spray gun paint is dried, the top coat is coated with the spray gun Top Coat and waits for drying.

Point: If you use general Top coat, it may cause the spray gun pattern to blur and fade!


Clear finger edge

If the paint of the spray gun is stained on the skin, use absorbent cotton balls or cotton pads dampened with light water to gently wipe off.


Embellished diamond jewelry

Dip the heart-shaped diamond ornament with a double-ended needle bar, choose a good position, fix it on the nail surface with transparent nail polish, and then embellish the small silver diamond ornament.

Point: Generally, transparent nail polish is used for adhering diamond jewelry. If you want to strengthen the firmness, you can use strong adhesive nail polish. Be careful not to control too much.