How To Use The Nail Pointing Pen?

- Jan 11, 2021-

How to use the diamond pen?

Nail art is a beauty way of applying nail polish on nails for decoration. It is deeply loved by ladies who love beauty. Nail art decorations that are often used include diamonds, gold foil, shell powder and the like. Among them, the most commonly used is drill. Then , How to use the drill pen used in the drill?

When doing nail art, first apply a sealing layer, and after the lamp is dry, paint your favorite color and continue to illuminate the lamp for 60 seconds, and then click the drill. The use of the drill pen is actually the same as the normal lead pen. Use first A knife or a pencil sharpener will cut off the packaging of the drill pen, exposing a little bit of the head, but it should not be sharpened too sharply. If it is too sharp, it will take a lot of time during use and will not stick to the drill and fall. It will not be effective, and it will also affect the beauty of the nails. The correct way to use it is to apply a little transparent nail polish glue on the tip of the pen to stick the favorite drill, and then stick it on the nail. It is best to use the part where the nail is stuck. glue. Finally, use a small brush to dip the glue and brush on the point of the drill several times, so that the drill is firmer and will not fall easily.

How to use the nail drill pen: The nib of the nail drill pen should not be sharpened too sharply. Use the nib to apply a little nail polish glue to the nails. Also apply glue to the nails on the nails to make it stronger.


What should I do if the drill pen stops sucking?

1.The drill pen is actually the same as a pen. It needs to be sharpened, and the front end is sharpened. It is best to cut it thicker and place it on the front of the drill. Then it can be glued. It is best to use a pair of tweezers. Will be more convenient

2. There is a plastic-like square in the tool box. Just sharpen it and it will be as good as new

3. Pencil chopsticks or anything is fine, just wrap it with a layer of double-sided tape

4. Some diamond shows have a small plastic block, just put a little drill pen in the small block.


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