How To Use Nail Transfer Paper.

- Jan 28, 2021-

Transfer paper can be divided into three types:

1. Water-based transfer paper: There are various patterns. First, drop the transfer paper in water, and it will float on the water. First, apply nail polish, wait to dry, and then use tweezers to remove the The transfer paper is clamped, the napkin absorbs moisture, and it is pasted on the top of the colored nail polish before it is dry. The last picture is just a top oil. The effect is quite realistic and convenient.


2. Ordinary transfer paper: directly paste on the colored nail polish step, cut your favorite pattern and paste it directly after the colored nail polish step, no skill is required at all, wait for it to dry, and seal the top oil. The disadvantage is that it is easy to warp stand up.


3. Star transfer paper: the same is to cut out your favorite pattern and paste it on the colored nail polish, press it down with your hand, but it will melt into the gloss oil, so the transfer is done and the final effect is not the same, but the effect is not Big, simple and convenient.


Nail transfer paper is divided into three types: water-based transfer paper, ordinary transfer paper and star transfer paper, but the steps are the same. First apply nail polish, wait to dry, cut out your favorite pattern, and paste it on Then use the top oil to seal it.

How long can the nail transfer paper last?

It can be kept for about 10 days, and it will last longer if you take good care of it. If you want the nail transfer paper to last for a long time, you must pay attention when you cut the pattern in the early stage. It must be attached to the nail surface and tightly bonded. After the nail transfer is done, be sure to apply the top oil to protect it, usually as little as possible bumps, and less contact with grease, detergent and other items that damage the nail surface.


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