How To Use Nail Foil Stickers?

- Nov 16, 2019-

There are many uses for nail foil sticker, including nail transfer paper. Next, let’s talk about how to use nail transfer paper.

Transfer paper can be divided into three types


Nail Art Water Decals Transfers : There are various patterns. First, the transfer paper is dripped in the water. The drops will float on the water. First, apply the nail polish, wait for it to dry, and then transfer the water with tweezers. When the paper is clipped, the napkin absorbs the moisture and sticks it to the colored nail polish. It has not dried up before the top. Finally, the top oil can be applied. The effect is quite realistic and convenient.


Ordinary transfer paper: directly after the step of colored nail polish, cut the favorite pattern directly after the step of colored nail polish, no need for skill, wait for dry, seal the top oil, the disadvantage is easy to tilt up.


Star transfer paper: The same pattern is also cut out on the colored nail polish, pressed by hand, but will melt in the varnish, so the transfer is not the same as the final effect, but the effect is not big, Simple and convenient.