How To Use Nail Acrylic Powder And Liquid

- Jul 28, 2019-

One of the commonly used materials for nail acrylic powder and liquid in nail art, then how to use nail crystal powder?

Nail crystal powder is used in the production of crystal nails, and the crystal armor is also very popular with MM. The crystal clear crystal nails are white and natural, and are matched with different colors of clothing. The crystal powder is mixed with the crystal liquid according to the appropriate ratio, and the crystal nail is extended according to the needs of the user. Crystal powder generally has three colors - transparent, white, and transparent. When making crystal nails, you can mix crystal powders of different colors according to your needs. While sticking, the crystal pen is a small amount of who is dedicated, secondly, take the right amount of crystal powder, point it at the desired point, then quickly press the material you want to put on the nail surface, fix it. Minutes or so, wait for the crystal powder to dry and loosen the handle. If there is a gap, make a glue in the gap, so that the material will not fall.