How To Remove The Nails Quickly And Cleanly

- Dec 30, 2020-

Prepare a bottle of professional nail gel remover, as well as orange sticks, nutrient oil, nail polish remover and other supplies.

The first step: prepare professional nail glue remover for use.

The second step: dip the oblique end of the orange stick with the degumming agent.

Step 3: Use an orange stick to apply the degelling agent around the nail and the inside of the nail.

Step 4: Wait for a while and then slowly remove the nail piece from the side with an orange stick.

Step 5: After removing the nail piece, there will still be glue residue around the nail, which can be removed with nail polish remover or nail remover.

Step 6: Finally, use some nutrient oil to care for the skin and nails around the nails~


[How to remove phototherapy nail]

1. Soak your hands in ice water after finishing your nails so that your nail polish will dry in about 3 minutes. After the nail polish is dry, let them air dry for a while, and then shake off the excess water drops on your hands.

2. You can use tea bags and glue to rescue the nails that are broken from the middle. First cut a small piece of tea bag paper, and then glue the nail glue to the broken place.

3 One cotton ball can remove the nail polish from ten nails. First divide one cotton ball into 10 small pieces, and then fully soak them in the nail polish remover, then stick the cotton pieces on the ten nails, and wait After 5 minutes, it can be easily removed.

4. Applying all-purpose repair cream or petroleum jelly around the nails can protect the skin, and can also weld the small wooden sticks used for nail art to cause minor scratches.

5. After finishing the nails, if you are worried about being scratched accidentally, you can use spray-style cooking oil to spray on the nails just finished, so as to avoid being scratched.


[How to remove nail polish at home]

The tools we need are: nail polish remover glue, tin foil, nail moisturizing oil, polishing strips, nail files, small scissors.

First, if there are bright diamonds on the nails, use small scissors to cut them off.

Then use a polishing strip to slowly rub off the nail polish.

You can try to polish it by changing several sides, and finally the nail surface will be white.

Dip the nail polish remover with a cotton pad and wrap it in tin foil.

Then wrap the nails with foil.

Wait for 10-15 minutes, until the nail polish surface will float.

Then we have a special nail polisher, gently rub the nail polish on the surface of the nail

Wipe off the residue on the nail surface with a wet paper towel.

Then apply a coat of nail moisturizing oil and it's fine!