How To Remove Nail Tips In The Finger?

- Oct 27, 2019-

How to remove the patch manicure? 2 methods, patch manicure can be removed simply!


NO.1 - Nail Polish Gel Foil Remover Wraps


This is a common method for taking patch art. Use a thick cotton pad to take the unloading water, then cover the patch on the surface of the nail, then wrap it in tin foil, wait for about half an hour. When the nail has a slight burning sensation, open the tin foil and gently push the dissolved patch down with a steel push. Gently sand the cotton gauze and clean the cover of the nail surface. The residual material on the surface of the nail can be polished away by polishing or it can be peeled off by itself.


NO.2 - Special Sol agent


A special sol agent has appeared on the market. Just immerse the solant into the gap between the patch and the natural nail, and then gently lift the end of the steel push until the patch is completely detached. However, there are still some problems in this method in practice. If the technology is not in place, it is easy to tear the nails.


After removing the patch, the surface of the nail will appear rough and dry. At this time, carefully care for the nails and restore the nails as soon as possible.