How To Reduce The Damage To Your Nails After Making Nails!

- Nov 10, 2019-

In fact, doing nail art has a certain amount of damage to our nails. Today, let's talk to you about how to reduce the damage to nails after nail art!


1. Manicure can't be done often. The cycle of making a nail is about 1-2 weeks, and the nails are kept in the nails. The time on it should not be too long. We reminds. Everyone that it can be removed in about 1-2 weeks, then stop for a while and give the nail a breath.


2. Try to use your own nails to make nails. Don't stick nails, because patch nails will hurt our nails, so we remind everyone to use their nails to make nails and use their nails. New student can use fake nails to practice on


3. Remind everyone to do the nail art, then go to the regular nail shop to do the nail art, which can reduce the risk, although the nail can be beautified, but if the use of bad products, it is also harmful to our nails.