How To Nail A Nail

- Jan 06, 2019-

1. Select the piece of nail with the same size as the nail. (If there is a different size, use the most similar one and trim it).

2. Soak hands with warm water, apply a softening liquid on the edge of the finger to the dead skin, push the dead skin with the dead skin push, cut off the dead skin with a special dead skin scissors.

3. Grind your nails with tweezers and roughen the surface of the nails.

4. Apply the glue to the nails, and press them on the nails (this will make the nails and nails fit snugly)

5. Cut to the length that you feel appropriate, start to polish the half-stick, mainly to trim the thickness, do not look with the naked eye after finishing, but with the fingertips of the fingers. It feels flat, that is, it is trimmed, and then the shape of the nail is trimmed.