How To Match Nail Polish Styles With Nails

- Nov 19, 2020-

If the nail polish is not very long, then you don't need to paint dark nails. Try to use light tones and gradients. Whether it is a gradient of color or a gradient of sequins, the nail polish will have the effect of lengthening the nails.

If the nails are small, try not to choose too large decorations when choosing decorations, and do not exceed 1/2 of the nails, and intentionally use medium and long lines or V-shaped nails.

White is very versatile, but white will pick the skin color. Deliberately choose the popular egg white nowadays, the milky white base color, the egg white can match any color, style, and decoration.

Excessively complex styles are not suitable for short nails, and should not be used beyond 2 fingers, otherwise the nails will look small, and the remaining nails can be simple styles. Don't make the styles of one hand too complicated, so that it will not highlight the glitter .

The choice of nail color should not only be based on the skin color of the hand, but also the season, daily clothing, occasion, etc. You can choose warm colors in winter and cool colors in summer; red nail polish is the most white color.

When placing the jewelry, pay attention to the overall match, and it should not be too large to block the main painted position; the wrapping is not suitable for nails that are too wide or too small.