How To Make Nail Polish Dry Faster

- Apr 26, 2019-

First of all, the nail polish should be kept slightly thin to facilitate application. If it is too thick, it is easy to cause the nail polish to be too thick, and it will be difficult to dry when it is not good to look at.


Secondly, it is very important that the nail polish must be taken in moderation. Do not pull it out of the bottle and apply it directly to the hand. First scrape it off at the mouth of the bottle, or turn it a few times around the bottle to spread the nail polish evenly over the brush. If you take too much, it will cause heavy, uneven, and easy to overflow the fingertips.


The first layer of color oil must be applied thin enough, don't care if the color is even. If the first layer is too thick, it takes a long time to dry out, and it is difficult to solidify in a short time after applying the second layer, which greatly increases the chance of being damaged. If your nail polish has not been applied for a long time, in addition to the quality problems of the nail polish itself, it must be painted too thick. Of course, if the first layer has obvious scratches and scratches, or if it is better to remove the recoating, don't expect the second layer to cover up, but it will get worse.