How To Make Diamonds Not Easy To Drop?

- Jul 23, 2019-

Sparkling diamonds are attached to the nails and have always been loved by many nail controls. However, we think this is really pretty, but it still needs a lot of skills to set the diamonds. If you don’t have some skills when you are drilling, it will be easy to drop. Falling, the good nails will be maintained soon, and the nails that are done well will not look so beautiful. It is too troublesome to make up at this time, so how to make the diamonds not fall easily?


Skill one


Diamond-studded nails must wait for the nail polish to dry before they can be glued, otherwise it will fall easily. This is also a problem that some beginner nail friends often make.


Tip two


When studing, it is best to use BN brush glue or nail glue to stick the drill. First, you can put a small amount of glue on the nail surface first.


Skill three


Then use a metal drill pen to drill the glue onto the opposite side of the diamond, so that the appearance of the diamond is not soiled.


Skill four


After you have glued the glue, stick the diamond on the surface of the nail, and then gently press it with a metal tweezers or an orange stick. This will make the diamond ornament more secure.