How To Learn French Nail Art

- Apr 18, 2019-

Some people think that French manicure is an outdated nail styling. But other people still think this is the eternal way to complete your image. Your nails will be smart, beautiful, clean and suitable for all occasions.


The most important thing is prepare for nail tools. Such as UV LED nail lamp, nail file, nail sponge file, nail buffer, beauty cutter, nail gel polish, nail dryer, plastic nail art soak bowl or electric bowl, basic oil and sealant

Step1: Care nails


Remove the old nail polish. Dip the water on the cotton pad and remove all the nail polish until it is removed. To remove the corner gaps, the residual marks will affect the aesthetics of the French manicure.

Step2: Trim your nails into your favorite shape


Long nails will be better looking, so don't fix your nails too short. Use a nail clipper to cut out uneven areas and make sure the nail length is uniform and consistent.

Step3: Trim, polish


Use the manicure to repair the nails. The nails can be rounded or squared to your liking. Then perform a polishing.

Step4: Soaking nails


Put your hands in a bowl of hot water and a mixture of whole milk. This will help to soften the stratum corneum and facilitate pruning. After soaking for about 3 minutes, dry with a towel.

Step5: Apply nail polish: base oil


The base oil of French manicure is generally light pink, cream or transparent. The first shot at the beginning should be painted from the middle and then painted on both sides. Apply from the bottom of the nail to the top. Slowly apply the entire nail. Apply nail oil to each nail of both hands.

Step6: Apply white on your fingertips


When applying white nail polish to your fingertips, your hands should not shake and be steady. When you apply it, you can take it with you and you can't stop it. When the fingertips are completely dry, apply another layer.

Step7: Finally, apply a layer of clear varnish to protect the freshly coated French manicure. Bright oil also keeps French manicures for a longer period of time.