How To Learn Apply Nail Polish Exactly

- Apr 11, 2019-

First of all, you need to fix your nails, square and round according to your finger condition and hobby. Before applying nails, you need to carefully rub the surface of the nails and the nails with alcohol cotton to wipe off the grease on the nails, so that the applied nail polish is not easy to fall off and last longer.

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Then apply a layer of primer to the nails. The purpose of the base oil is to fill in the various lines and mottled colors on the nails, and to isolate the oil that will be applied to the nails to avoid oil damage to the nails.

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Nail polish can be applied after the base oil is dry. Please scrape the nail brush off half of the nail polish and then apply it. First, brush the nail from the center of the top of the nail to the outside of the nail, and then brush it from the center to the sides along the curvature of the nail. Brush it; try to brush flat, no grain. This technique requires a few exercises to control.

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When a novice brushing nail polish can't avoid shaking, it is easy to brush on the tip of the finger other than the nail. What should I do? Use a small flat brush to rub the nail polish and brush off the nail polish on the finger other than the nail. Brush a few strokes, please rub the brush on the clean paper, remove the nail polish that is brushed down, and avoid the dirt and dirt of the fingers.

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The first layer of nail polish is dry and you can brush the second layer of nail polish. When brushing the second layer of nail polish, be careful to wrap the side of the nail. Hand stability is critical.

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