How To Keep Nails For A Long Time

- Apr 27, 2019-

Step1: The basic manicure is essential

It is very important to do the basic repair before you make the nails. It is very important to polish the nails to keep the nails longer, and to treat the dead skin on the edges of the nails. Do not apply nail polish to the dead skin. Because the nails fall off, this is the reason.

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Step 2: Don't forget to apply primer

The base oil not only protects the nails from corrosion but also prevents the nails from being dyed dark yellow, so it is very important to make a primer. Whether you have cleaned or polished the face, apply a primer.

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Step3: Pay attention to the application of armor oil


Finally, you need to pay attention to the application of armor oil, which is applied once every three days to a the nail polish from peeling off, and also to make the nails have a bright luster and a longer lasting color.

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