How To Draw Shell Nails

- Feb 11, 2021-

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First apply a layer of white nail polish on the middle finger and ring finger, just apply one layer if you like transparency, and apply two layers if you like a fuller color. The best choice for nails is this creamy white, which has a transparent feeling.


After the white nail polish is dry, cut a small sponge, then clamp it with a clip, and dip a small amount of pink nail polish on one corner of the sponge.

While the pink nail polish is still dry, sprinkle colored shell fragments on top of the pink nail polish. Don't overlap them when you sprinkle them. If they overlap, you can use a beech stick or toothpick to move them apart. These broken shells are sold by our company and the price is very cheap.


Use transparent nail polish for the thumb, and apply pink nail polish in the middle, so that the nails will look more matte. Sprinkle broken shells in the middle.

The index finger and little finger are drawn with patterns. Using pink nail oil to make French manicure is actually very simple. It is the shape above. After drying, paste a flash diamond and a round rivet on the middle triangle to decorate it.