How To Do Velvet Nail Art

- Nov 25, 2020-

Wine red is a popular color in autumn and winter, and it is also the color that best sets off a yellowish complexion. The burgundy feels elegant and noble. Whether it is embellished on the lips or fingertips, it is very attractive. The matte velvet texture is even more attractive, highlighting the dynamic temperament of fashionable urban women. So how to create a burgundy velvet nail art? Hurry up and learn its DIY steps


STEP1: Apply a layer of nude skin color nail polish evenly on the nails to make the nails more shiny.

STEP2: After the nail polish is dry, put a round label sticker on the part near the finger edge, and then apply the wine red nail polish.

STEP3: Apply transparent nail polish on the bare skin tone, immediately dip in the light-colored fiber powder, wait for a while, and then gently pat it.

STEP4: Then apply transparent nail polish on the wine red part, being careful not to stain the light part.

STEP5: Finally, dip the burgundy fiber powder, pat the nail surface lightly after drying to let the excess powder fall down, so a fashionable burgundy velvet nail art is complete!


Can velvet nails get wet

For velvet nails, if you use phototherapy gel as the base color, the retention time is still very long. If you use nail polish as the primer, it will fall off in about 3 days. How long can you get water? This question It depends on your nail polish or phototherapy gel. If the phototherapy gel dries after the phototherapy gel lamp is irradiated, you can dip it in water. If the nail polish, the nail polish usually dries in 30 minutes, then you can dip it in after 40 minutes. That's it. If the velvet is off, you can also use a brush to smooth it and then apply a layer of nail polish and sprinkle a layer of nail polish. It is the same as applying nail polish. In addition, the color of velvet nails will become darker when they are exposed to water, that is, they will be wet, and they will be restored after drying. It will not affect it~