How To Apply Black Nail Polish To Look Good

- Nov 27, 2020-

At present, among all the consumer groups of nail art, a large part of them prefer personalized things. Therefore, when choosing nail colors, they will often choose more individual colors, such as black, dark red, etc., but generally such colors are not There are so many other collocations, paint it over and over, just which color, how to apply black nail polish to look good?

Black nail polish and red nail polish are classic colors in nail polish. After applying black nail polish, it will give people a very personal feeling. How to apply black nail polish to look good, first choose good quality nail polish, so that the bottle brush is easy to use. When applying black nail polish, remember to trim the nails shorter, if it is a transparent nail polish, it will look longer.


 1. Apply primer first for protection, because black nail polish has a lot of pigment, which can easily make the nails yellow, and it is much better to apply primer for protection;

2. Then apply the first layer of black nail polish. Be careful not to apply too much on the first layer. Put the bottle brush on the middle of the nail, gently press the bottle brush into a small fan, brush it on the middle of the nail, and then apply the left side from Paint on the root of the nail. Be careful not to stick to the skin, then repeat the right, and finally apply a stroke from the root of the nail in the middle;

3. After applying 10 nails, repeat the second layer of black nail polish, remember not to apply too much.

4. After it dries, apply a layer of gloss oil to improve gloss and protect the nail polish from fading or abrasion.