How Should Nails Be Maintained

- Jun 30, 2020-

 Daily habits

After you make perfect nails, you should pay attention to the pressure habits of your fingers in daily life. Try to use finger abdomen instead of fingertips to reduce direct contact with nails, or use nails as a tool to reduce the chance of nail injury.

For example, pay attention when handling heavy objects, opening doors, peeling fruits, and opening cans. Fingernails are easy to break.

People who often do household chores at home often need to touch their hands with water and washing products, which can easily make their nails fall off and turn yellow. Try to wear gloves when doing housework, then wash your hands and keep your fingers dry. Long-term exposure to hot water can also affect the durability of nails, such as hot springs or hot baths. Try to avoid contact with easily stained substances and corrosive chemicals.