How Long Does It Take To Do A Nail Art?

- Sep 30, 2020-

It takes roughly 30 minutes to 2 hours to work. Du depends on the style of nail art and the production time is also different. Simple solid color nail art takes about 30 minutes. If it involves complicated steps such as extension and painting, the production time will be extended to 1-2 hours.

A manicure can last for about a month. The normal growth cycle of nails is 0.1mm per day on average. However, when the nail is injured or removed due to other special circumstances, it takes about a new nail to grow from the root of the nail to a completely normal shape. 100 days. When the nails are damaged, it is best to cultivate for a period of time before doing the manicure, otherwise it will cause more serious damage to the nails.

If the nail comes off soon after doing the manicure, it may be a problem with the operation technique. For example, the nail surface is not cleaned, the edging is not done properly, the nails are not dried and so on.