How Does Magic Mirror Powder Operate

- Dec 13, 2019-

How does magic mirror powder operate? Why can't it be applied, and why does it fall within a few days?

Reason1:Apply a non-cleaning seal on the nail surface and illuminate the lamp for 5-15 seconds. Go up, it means the lighting time is too long.)


Use a sponge or rubber stick to apply the Mirror Effect Nail Powder and rub it back and forth on the surface of the nail until the mirror effect appears on the applied position. Sweep off the excess dust, and then clean the positions of the back edge, nail groove and front edge of the nail with a clean cotton pad. Lighting again.


Use nail sponge to lightly polish the leading edge. It is recommended not to get too full around the nails when applying the Glitter Powder Nails Design on the nails, because the magic mirror powder itself and the glue will not adhere, but only cover the glue. Leave a gap so that we can seal the magic mirror powder when we apply the reinforcing glue again and the reinforcing glue can be applied once or twice as appropriate.