Hand-painted Snowman Nail Tutorial

- Dec 01, 2020-

French manicure, winter cute hand-painted snowman manicure tutorial 

Step 1: Prepare the nail tools you need. A bottle of orange, rose, white, black, coffee and silver nail polish, as well as garland pens, stickers and silver sequins.


Step 2: Use white nail polish on the index finger to draw a wavy pattern and apply it to Santa’s sticker when it is dry


Step 3: Use a semi-circular arc of white nail oil painting to paint on 1/3 of the middle finger, draw the snowman's eyes, nose, and mouth in turn, and then paste the green top hat


Step 4: Paint an arc with brown nail polish on 1/3 of the ring finger, and then paint a smaller arc on it, and draw the ears to fill the color. Then draw the elk pattern


Step 5: Apply white nail polish on 1/3 of the fingertip of the little finger, draw a cross on the white area with rose red nail polish, and draw a bow on the inside


Step 6: Apply white nail polish on 1/3 of the fingertips of the thumb, and then draw a snowman pattern with an orange hat, and then dot silver sequins on the blank area


step 7: Finally apply top oil on each finger. So the Christmas snowman nail art is complete. Full of Christmas, hurry up and learn before Christmas