Hand Painted Fruit Manicure

- Sep 04, 2019-

Summer is coming, have you put on a good-looking nail style? Being a hobby-looking nail can keep people in a good mood for a month. Today, bring a hand-painted tutorial for the summer peak grape. Come and learn.

手绘图 (3)


Prepare the required nail polish and tools. Brush the base oil and let it dry.

手绘图 (1)


Use a point drill pen to lick purple nail polish to point out the dots on the trailing edge of the thumb and wait until dry. Then use the hook line pen and green nail polish to draw the leaves and leaves of the grapes.

手绘图 (2)


Follow the same method to complete the grape pattern on the ring finger and let it dry. Then the middle finger is brushed with purple nail polish and dried. Fingers and little thumbs are brushed with golden glitter nail polish and ready to dry. Brush it again for the color to be full, wait until it is dry.

手绘图 (4)


Finally, brush the varnish and wait for it to dry. This floating grape nail style is complete.