Hand Of Computer While Working

- Jun 24, 2019-

The boring office environment is always exhausting and can't afford to come. Because of this, you have to live more fresh and not let yourself wither. Of course, under the premise of maintaining steady and capable, the woman is still a woman, and the beauty is still beautiful, not vague. The formal suit can't stop your curve; the hard typing can't destroy your beautiful nails.

Who says women in the workplace can't apply nail polish? Instead, it is better to maintain a refined image, to satisfy customers, to make the boss comfortable, and to have confidence. But at the same time, it must follow the principle of elegance and low-key, which corresponds to the color of the suit.


Therefore, it is recommended to use the basic color system - such as skin color, light pink, etc., the color of nail polish appears relatively clean and neat. But you can't use fancy, but don't be too exaggerated, elegant, small. At the same time, it is more reasonable to choose a light-colored flower, or a pair of two fingers to use a bright diamond, which is not so ostentatious.


Reminder: nails are beautiful, but also tap the keyboard to work, so the exaggerated long shape must not be tried, generally 3 mm below the edge of the finger. At the same time, because the computer is often used, the edge of the nail is most likely to be broken and peeled off. You can use a nail polish with a flash to make a gradual effect, which not only makes it look better, but also strengthens the nail polish to make it last longer.