Gentle Breeze Is Clear And Clean

- Mar 17, 2021-

There are actually many styles and styles of nail art, but it's spring, and gentle nail art is recommended, which is very popular this year.

Because there are some kind of gentle manicures that are good-looking and worth recommending? I have sorted out a few models for everyone, let's take a look.


Decorated with pearls in heart-shaped and square patterns, it takes into account the elegance and retro sense, and it looks particularly temperamental. The gloss of the glitter and the butterfly blue butterfly adds to the feeling of fairy air, the whole is more gentle, but without losing the sense of fashion.


Pure color nails are too monotonous, so this manicure chooses coloring and decoration, which looks full of design.


Because this manicure has been extended, the square diamond is attached to the top of the nail, which can better visually modify the shape of the hand and give a very gentle French manicure.

The shape of the two butterflies is also very good. Compared with the single one, they have more atmosphere and give people a very fairy feeling.